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Plumbing History

The History of Plumbing

It’s hard to imagine modern life without plumbing, isn’t it? Even for people who prefer to live “off the grid,” it’s essential to have some sort of water treatment system in place. This was true for ancient civilizations as well. Although the Romans may not have had the modern conveniences that we do, they did


Natural Gas Pipes

Hire a Master Plumber for Natural Gas Projects

Many home renovations require changes to your home’s natural gas lines. Are you considering a kitchen remodel with a new gas oven to replace your old electric one? Maybe you’re planning to build a deck in the backyard with a powerful natural gas barbecue or even a gas-powered fire pit. Or maybe it’s time to


Cast Iron Drain

Replacing Cast Iron Drain Tunnels

Cast iron seems indestructible, doesn’t it? It’s heavy, solid, and looks like it will last forever, which is why so many older homes were built with cast iron drain tunnels. Unfortunately, cast iron is actually less durable than many other materials such as PVC piping. It’s extremely prone to rust and corrosion due to water,