Bonita Springs Slab Leak Repair

Dependable slab leak repair service in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Naples, North Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, and Estero.

Not many homeowners have heard of slab leaks or even know if they’ve experienced them. It’s a very well-hidden type of water leak which may remain out of sight for a long period of time after it begins. But they’re no less dangerous than other types of water leaks.

Since they’re extremely difficult to detect until well after they start, slab leaks can cause massive amounts of damage to a home’s foundation. Luckily for homeowners in the Bonita Springs, FL area, the technicians from Plumbing Nerds are well-equipped to handle slab leak repair service.

Plumbing Nerds - slab leak repair services in Bonita Springs, FL

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Slab Leaks Explained

The reason slab leaks are so hard to detect is because they originate beneath the concrete floor of a building’s foundation. These pieces of concrete are known as slabs, which is where the name of this type of leak comes from. Since the leak starts below the concrete slab, it’s hard for homeowners to see them. Until it spreads further, there are no obvious signs a leak is even happening. If the leak is small, it’s even more difficult to find.

Clues You Need Slab Leak Service

Even though it’s difficult to tell when you need slab leak service until the signs clearly present themselves, there are still a few things you can keep in mind when inspecting your home. Here are a few warning signs of a slab leak:

  • Patches of mold pop up around your basement
  • Damp or warped baseboards, floors and carpet in your basement
  • Earth around your building is soggy
  • Big increases in your water bill

The biggest clue might be signs of increased moisture in your basement. This area of your home should be completely dry, but if you spot any of the above signs you might have a slab leak. Pick up the phone and call for a professional plumber to inspect your home. Only a trained pair of eyes might be able to detect a slab leaks early enough to stem any serious damage.

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Damage Caused by Slab Leaks in Naples Homes

Given the nature of slab leaks, it’s never easy to tell when one has started and the true extent of the damage. What’s clear is how much of a threat slab leaks can be. They could end up being the source of mold, damage to electrical wiring and rotting wood. The longer a leak is allowed to continue, the more harmful the consequences.

Call us at 239-500-6373 if you suspect a slab leak in your home. There’s no telling how much damage has already be done. We can help homeowners in Naples, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs, FL, area with slab leak repair service.