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Healthy water pipes are the most important part of a properly functioning home plumbing system. They’re responsible for delivering water from appliances to faucets, and if they’re in a state of disrepair it doesn’t bode well for your water supply. Corroded or badly linked pipes can lead to problems such as water leaks and burst pipes. These can lead to increased water consumption and water damage in your home.

Plumbing Nerds is capable of aiding homeowners in the Bonita Springs, FL area with repipe services. We’re prepared to replace every pipe in your home if necessary to make sure you’re not the victim of trouble caused by worn downpipes.

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Clues You Need Repipe Services

If you’re not sure whether or not your home needs repipe services, there are several clues that might help you. Here are some signs that your pipes are badly damaged and need to be replaced:

  • Water leaks and burst pipes are frequent occurrences
  • There’s a strange smell or color to your water
  • Water pressure has decreased significantly
  • You notice big spikes in your water bill

It’s best to call in a technician to conduct an investigation of your home’s pipes if you notice any of the above symptoms. It’s possible these issues may only require minor repairs to fix, but if the problem runs deeper it might be time to consider repipe services.

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What Piping Materials Are Used in Fort Myers?

There have been several different types of piping available over the years, but only two have stood up to the test of time. CPVC, PEX & UPONOR are the standard materials used for repipe services. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but both are safe and stable. Here’s a comparison between the two to help you decide which one suits your home best:


CPVC piping stands for Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride). CPVC has been installed in potable (drinking water) water systems for over 50 years.


PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. These pipes are flexible and resistant to acidic compounds. They also won’t freeze or crack as easily in extremely cold weather. One disadvantage to PEX, however, it can be damaged by ultraviolet light, which means you won’t be able to use it outdoors.


UPONOR piping is PEX type A which is considered the superior type of Pex in the industry. The fitting connections are made by expanding the pipe, inserting the fitting inside and pipe contracts back to its normal state. One big advantage to Uponor the fitting has a larger inside diameter than a Pex fitting which allows for more volume of water.

Are you living in a home with old water pipes that need to be replaced? We can conduct complete repipe services to households in the Bonita Springs and Southwest Florida area. Give us a ring at 239-500-6373 to schedule an appointment. We also service homes in Nort Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, Estero, Cape Coral, and Naples.