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Water Softener Benefits for the Average Florida Home

How Hard Water Affects Everyday Life and How a Water Softener Can Help Most homes in the U.S. have hard water. Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, usually containing calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause hardness in the water by reacting with soap to form a curd-like substance known as soap


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Don't Get Pinched By High Water Bills on St. Patrick's Day

Three Eco-Friendly, Water-Saving Tips  Getting pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day can quickly irritate many people. While this tradition only lasts for one day per year, homeowners can feel a similar frustration every month when they pay their bills, especially a high water bill.  This St. Patrick’s Day, consider the many symbolic



What are Some Common Sewer Line Problems Solved by Hydrojetting?

What is Hydrojetting?  Hydrojetting or high-pressure drain cleaning is a drain cleaning method used by professional plumbers that they can use to handle tough sewer line clogs that are causing slow drainage and nasty sewer backups. Sewer lines are notoriously challenging to unclog because they are almost always buried underground and under the slabs of


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Polybutylene Pipe Replacement?

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement and Insurance Basics Many homes built between 1978 and 1995 have a type of plastic piping called polybutylene. Unfortunately, this piping is prone to leaks and breaks, which can cause extensive damage to a home. If homeowners have polybutylene pipes in their homes, they may be wondering if their homeowners' insurance will



Stop Pipe Corrosion Before It Starts

Pipe Corrosion: What Is It? Pipe corrosion happens when the material of a pipe begins to deteriorate. This can occur with lines made of copper, steel, and iron. Although this is a natural occurrence that tends to happen over time, there are a few ways for homeowners to help prevent it. This blog will discuss