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Indoor Leaks

Common Causes of a High Water Bill

Have you ever received your water/utility bill and had quite the shock at how much higher it was compared to the month before? This can be a huge indicator that something isn’t running properly. Not only does a high water bill hurt your wallet, but it can also reveal a significant waste of a precious


Water Leak

Where to Check for Water Leaks?

Water leaks in your home can be detrimental to both your family’s health as well as to your home’s foundation. Water that seeps into your home could cause mold build up or harbor disease carrying insects, which are health issues for your loved ones. There is a possibility of paint and siding damage or harm


Smart Toilet

The New Technology in Smart Toilets

  Whether you are about to remodel your bathroom or you are just wanting a new toilet, going “smart” may be worth the consideration. Everyone knows that toilets are sewage systems that rid of your waste and replace it with clean water; however, they weren’t always that advanced and sanitary. With the ever-increasing technological advances


The Three Major Plumbing Systems

Many people are surprised to find out that plumbing is a lot more complicated than it looks! It’s so important to keep clean water separate from used or dirty water that there are three discrete plumbing systems in most municipalities: potable water, sanitary drainage, and storm drainage. Each of them is vital in its own


Plumber's Toolbox

What’s In a Plumber’s Toolbox?

As we’ve discussed here before, there are plenty of plumbing jobs that can be done by the average homeowner. However, there are plenty of others that should only be tackled by the pros! Not only do we have extensive training and education, but we also carry some very specialized tools that the typical homeowner doesn’t