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Plumbing Noises And Their Meaning

It’s the middle of the night. You’re sound asleep in bed. Bang! Clang! What the heck was that?! Is your house trying to talk to you? You’ve heard banging, clanging and knocking heat pipes, whistling and screaming water pipes, gurgling drains...what do all of these plumbing noises mean? Your house might be telling you that



Should You Get a Permit for Home Plumbing Projects?

When you are doing a kitchen remodeling project, is it really necessary to get a plumbing permit? Though it might seem like a pain to get a plumbing permit, this is an essential part of your home renovation process. Following the permitting process means getting higher quality work. It also means protecting your home and



Getting the Most Out of Your Plumbing System

These days, it's impossible to live your life without a reliable plumbing system. So many of our daily tasks rely on the delivery of water and the ability to eliminate waste. Household chores become more convenient and bathing much more comfortable thanks to a home's connection to water lines and sewer ways. Homeowners would do



Your Guide to Fixing a Toilet that Won't Flush

Yikes! Your toilet won’t flush! What should you do? The first thing is- don’t panic. The second thing is- consider what might be preventing your toilet from flushing and how can you correct it. The good news is that there are several super-easy hacks that will get your toilet to flush again. This is one



Benefits of Getting a Plumbing Permit

Tackling home renovations is exciting and daunting all at the same time. You get to put your own personal stamp on your Bonita Springs, FL home and increase its asset value, all at the same time. However, how do you know where to begin and what process to follow? Furthermore, do you need to acquire