What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting or high-pressure drain cleaning is a drain cleaning method used by professional plumbers that they can use to handle tough sewer line clogs that are causing slow drainage and nasty sewer backups. Sewer lines are notoriously challenging to unclog because they are almost always buried underground and under the slabs of homes and businesses, but when they clog, they cause massive problems. Hydrojetting gets around all of these obstacles and still delivers results. In addition to destroying clogs, they are also used to clean the pipe walls as a part of preventative maintenance.

What makes a hydro jet so special is the method in which it works. These machines use a high-pressure stream of water to blast through tough clogs and wash away the debris. The result is a sewer line that is completely free of clogs and debris and even nasty grime on the inside walls of a pipe. Here are a few specific instances where hydro jetting is the king of all sewer line solutions.

Clears Tree Roots

Nothing can cause a bigger backup than tree roots in a sewer line. While this problem is often thought of as only affecting homes with iron or clay pipes, tree roots have a nasty habit of making their way into pipes made of modern plastics and metal. A tree’s roots work hard to keep finding new resources for the tree to grow. Unfortunately for homeowners, a home’s sewer line provides plenty of nutrition, causing the tree roots to grow into the pipe through any opening it can find and causing a clog. The more roots that grow in the line, the more debris is caught and the bigger the clog that forms.

High-pressure drain cleaning is a great way to break up and clear invasive tree roots in sewer lines. The nozzle on the hose is designed to cut quickly and powerfully through the toughest clogs, including tree roots. By blasting away the entire root system that formed in the sewer line, hydro jetting can quickly restore service to a clogged sewer line.

Washes Away Grease

Homeowners should never discard grease down the drain. When hot grease hits the cold pipes just under the sink, it will start to harden, stick to the pipe walls, and build up a clog. As more and more grease ends up in pipes and other debris gets stuck in them, the clog will worsen until the whole sewer line is finally fouled. When this happens, the only proper solution is to call a professional for hydro jetting.

Grease and grime can eventually build up inside all sewer lines. Over time clogs become more and more likely. Hydrojetting does a great job removing clogs, but it also does a great job preventing them. In many cases, scheduling hydro jetting before a clog happens is a great way to avoid them altogether.

Breaks Up Clogs Caused by Non-Flushable Materials

Non-flushable items can end up in the sewer line by being flushed down the toilet. It shouldn’t happen since the only thing people should flush is toilet paper, but it does when people flush items like wipes, paper towels, cotton balls or swabs, etc. Even if these materials don’t clog the toilet when flushed, they can still cause clogs in sewer lines.

When it does happen, hydro jetting is the best solution. The pressure-washing power of a hydro jet can pulverize these materials and clear the line. If non-flushable materials accidentally make their way into plumbing, hydro jetting can also ensure that they are taken care of before they cause a massive clog.

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