We’ve been there. The day is hot and you’ve spent all morning watering the garden… so you’re ready to go inside and you drop the hose right where you’re standing. You don’t even think twice about this. Before you know it, you’re tripping over it and wondering how it got there.

Most people don’t stop to think about their outdoor plumbing and how much your garden hose does for you, and why we should wrap it up after every use. We’re going to explain how to properly take care of your garden hose to prolong its life and not have it break the bank.

Garden Plumbing Maintenance

If you’re not a gardening person, coiling the garden hose becomes a tedious task. However, once you understand the importance of properly storing your hose, you will reconsider skipping this 5-minute process.

Here are a few ways to put away your garden hose:

  • Hanger – This is usually a metal contraption on the side of your home that evenly distributes the weight of the hose as you coil it. A lot of people believe hanging your hose on a nail does the same trick, but the nail causes your hose to cave in on some parts, or simply puncture it.
  • Caddy – A hose caddy is a convenient way to use your hose while still keeping it organized. These usually have a handle you can use to spool and unspool your hose at your disposal.
  • Hose Pot – A hose pot is a nice way to store your hose and keep it out of sight when you’re finished using it. They are usually beautiful pots and add to the appeal of your garden. Win-win.

Keep in mind that your garden hose is not the only garden plumbing system that deserves your full attention. Exposed plumbing pipes and sprinkler systems also require regular maintenance to ensure you are not leaking water that is going to waste. All of your garden fixtures work together to make sure your lawn and home look the best they can look. Thank them by being attentive to them!

Beware of Sun Breakage

While the moderate sun might feel great on our skin… days and days of full-on ultra-violet exposure can cause harm to us. The same goes for our gardening supplies.

A properly maintained garden hose can last for many years, and storage becomes a big part of that. If you have somewhere you can store your hose like a tool shed or under an awning, do so.

At the very least, keep it in an area around your home that is not exposed to harsh, direct sunlight all the time.

Take Advantage of Water Use

When hoses are hung on nails, or stepped on and rolled over, they become damaged. Even a small puncture can cause a water leak, which decreases the water pressure of the hose and simply becomes wasteful of precious water resources.

Don’t forget to replace washers at any sign of drip coupling or invest in a more water-efficient hose nozzle. Once a hose leaks, it is almost always in need of replacement. Avoid having to replace your hose so often by properly taking care of it, as we mentioned above.

Got You Worried About Your Hose Now?

Good! Sometimes we don’t know how much our ‘things’ help us out daily. Keeping a watchful eye on the integrity of your gardening equipment can save you money in the long run, sparing you from frequent repair or replacement costs.

For more plumbing advice and tips, check out our website, you might just learn a thing or two.

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