Meet Adrienne Bennett: A True and Remarkable Plumbing Pioneer

Who is Adrienne Bennett? Likely, many homeowners do not know who she is. This is sad, considering she is the first black female master plumber! Why is this significant? It is significant because it is not an easy task.

In the plumbing industry, there are hundreds of jobs and no one to fill them. Plumbing technicians work hard, and to become master plumbers, they need to work even harder! For women, it is more difficult to get into the industry because it is male-dominated, but this black woman master plumber did not let it stop her!

How Did Adrienne Bennett Get Into the Plumbing Industry?

Adrienne Bennett now has over thirty years of experience in the plumbing field, but she wasn’t always this wise or experienced. Although she started not knowing anything, this spectacular black plumber is a big part of black history.

She did not originally intend to get into plumbing. Instead, Bennett is a smart woman who attended university to become an engineer. Once graduated, this young and brilliant woman started working in the engineering field. During her time there, she faced hardships and realized the career was not for her.

After spending a few years taking odd jobs, Bennett stumbled into a recruiter looking for minority women to join the apprenticeship to become plumbing technicians. She applied, got into the program, and the rest is history!

What Roles Did Bennett Have During Her Time in the Plumbing Industry?

Bennett first began as an apprentice. She was working long hours but was learning on the job and getting paid. At first, Adrienne Bennett was only making $5.00 an hour, but this quickly grew as she moved up in her position.

In just a few short years, Bennett held jobs like journeyman plumber, master plumber, project manager, plumbing inspector, and code enforcement officer for the City of Detroit.

What Does Adrienne Bennett Do Now?

Even though she experienced hardships and unfair judgments by others, Bennett persevered and made it to the top! Now she works for herself as an independent contractor with a large group of employees by her side.

This spectacular woman plumber is responsible for about ten people she employs and trains. The one thing that Adrienne Bennett wanted to do was give back to her community of Detroit. Not only did she grow up there, but she returned!

Adrienne Bennett is helping businesses and homes expand in the area, essentially helping out her community. This is all thanks to her courage, diligence, and hard work that has paid off!

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