Imagine you come downstairs in the morning to discover your dishwasher has leaked all over your kitchen floor in the middle of the night. Desperate to contain the mess and keep the water from spreading to the hardwood floor in your living room, you call an emergency plumbing service, unsure of how to handle the situation yourself.

A plumber fixes the leak the same day and assures you that your hardwood floors will be safe from water damage. You breathe a sigh of relief. Plumbing services are critical in today’s technology-based society, where appliances that require plumbing connections are abundant in every home. Read on to learn about plumbing basics and why a reliable plumber is necessary for dishwasher repairs and peace of mind.

Common Dishwasher Issues

Dishwashers are standard in any modern home. They make life easier and save homeowners a significant amount of time. Because dishwashers get used regularly, they tend to develop problems over the years. Common dishwasher problems include:

  • Leaks: Typically occurs when cracks prevent the dishwasher door from sealing correctly, or when the float switch gets stuck in the down position.
  • Inadequate Dish Drying: This indicates an issue with the heating element.
  • Improper Drainage: Sometimes a result of built-up food in the garbage disposal.
  • Loud Noises: Indicates something is wrong with the pump or motor.

If you notice your dishwasher is leaking while in use, your dishes are coming out still wet, water is pouring from your dishwasher when you open it, or loud noises are coming from the machine, call a plumber to inspect the problem.

Dishwasher Problems Require a Professional Plumber

Dishwashers can be delicate and require a professional’s expertise to repair correctly. Attempting to fix an issue yourself can cause further damages to expensive plumbing and increase the cost in the long run. A dishwasher is an investment, and to ensure longevity, you want an experienced plumber in charge of installation and all repairs.

With leaks, a plumber can ensure a seal is attached correctly and can find small cracks a homeowner might miss. If a homeowner has to deal with the drain line connection, they will quickly find themselves in over their heads.

Many dishwasher problems stem from improper water drainage and require the replacement of a specific part. A professional plumber can save you time and money in the long run by sourcing the part themselves and ensuring the installation is correct.

Dishwasher Plumbing Problem Prevention

While dishwasher issues require the assistance of a professional plumber, there are steps homeowners can take to mitigate these issues and ensure their dishwashers run properly for as long as possible. Some preventative methods include:

  • Cleaning your dishwasher to ensure debris doesn’t accumulate.
  • Inspect drainage area under the dishwasher regularly and remove any debris.
  • Remove hard water deposits by regularly running your empty dishwasher with vinegar. The vinegar works to break up the mineral deposits that could be present in your dishwasher.

Plumbing issues, if not dealt with properly, can become extremely expensive in the long run. Save yourself the headache of trying to handle a plumbing issue yourself and call a professional plumber if you notice any problems with your dishwasher.

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