Water pressure can decrease in the shower for many reasons. It is not uncommon for a shower to suddenly lose water pressure, but why does this occur? As frustrating as it is for homeowners, a loss of water pressure has various simple and easy solutions!

Before homeowners can try any of the solutions listed below, they need to find the exact cause. Sometimes, it is easier to contact a bathroom plumbing specialist instead of trying a solution without expert help.

Review General Bathroom Plumbing

The fixtures in the bathroom are all connected, including the bathtub, sink, and shower. When going over bathroom plumbing, it is best to start by looking at the pipes. Usually, if there is a lack of water pressure, it is because of a clogged drain, either in the bathroom sink or shower.

Looking for this clog can be difficult. The clog in the drain ensures that water does not seep through, resulting in a loss of water pressure. Fixing a clog can take time, depending on how severe and deep it is. Sometimes, homeowners can use a pen or a professional snaking tool to take out the clog.

An expert shower plumber is needed when the clog is too deep or caused by a crack in the water pipes.

Find Hidden Leaks

Hidden leaks can be frustrating because they are not easy to find! There are a few tell-tale signs that there is a general leak in a general area. When water leaks, it does not all make it to its final destination, in this case, the showerhead.

These leaks often present themselves as water damage. Sometimes, the leak is not frequent and only occurs when the shower is on. One can find these leaks in hidden and dark spaces like the cabinets. This is a big problem if the cabinets are made of wood as they can rot and develop black mold from the high humidity and water.

Homeowners who notice black mold and wet spots inside cabinets should check the pipes for loose or cracked areas.

Double Check Showerheadshower

Hard water is not uncommon in many parts of the world. The problem with hard water is that the mineral and vitamin deposits can ruin and cause water pressure problems in the shower.

The showerhead may have deposits and buildup. The buildup is a bright white that is hard to miss. Instead of deep cleaning the showerhead, homeowners can install a water softener to a new showerhead. Water and calcium deposits get stuck in small spaces that cause leaks, cracks, and lower water pressure.

Contractors and professional plumbers can give options for showerheads as they all have their own features that can improve water pressure.

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