Most have been guilty of this – leaving out garden hoses instead of wrapping them up and putting them away correctly. Yours may be laying on the ground across the lawn. But, have you ever considered wrapping your garden hose an essential part of outdoor plumbing care? It is! This article will discuss how proper garden hose care can have a direct impact on the health of your outdoor plumbing.

Hose Care for Healthy Garden Plumbing

Your outdoor garden plumbing can consist of several different components: sprinklers, outdoor sinks, water spigots, outdoor showers, and your water house. Proper care and maintenance of these components are important to ensure they fluidly work together to keep your yard in good shape; Unfortunately, proper garden hose care is often ignored.

Keeping up with repairs and care on your garden sprinklers and outdoor sinks ensure they have a longer-lasting life and can keep up with your daily lawn care as you need it. The same goes for your garden hose. Here’s how to properly coil your garden hose in 5 easy steps:

  • Make sure the water to your hose is turned off completely.
  • Grab the end of your hose and stand away from the water spigot.
  • Make a loop bend that is 3-3.5 feet in diameter.
  • Reach for more hose and make your first loop into the bend you made. Continue this process until you’ve looped the entire hose.
  • Place hose in the shade and away from the sun.

Prevent Sun Breakage in Your Hose

The sun is not your garden hoses friend. In fact, prolonged exposure can cause your hoses life expectancy to shrink significantly due to sun breakage. When your hose is out in the elements and sun consistently, the sun can cause your hose to crack and break.

This leads to leaks and can cause you to have to purchase a new hose more often than you should have to. The next time you’re done using your garden hose, be sure to wrap it properly and place it in a shaded spot or a shed to prevent sun breakage.

Don’t Let a Leak Increase Your Water Use

water useWhen garden hoses are properly cared for and maintained, they can allow you to use a healthy amount of water to maintain your lawn and garden. When your hose has a leak, however, this can be a costly problem. Leaks are not uncommon in hoses when they aren’t taken care of.

When you have a leak in your garden hose, it can significantly increase your water use, which in turn will increase your water bill at the end of the month. Pay attention to what shape your hose is in, wrap it correctly, keep it out of the sun, and repair and replace it as necessary; When you follow these steps, you’re sure to avoid a surprise water bill.

When is the last time you checked the condition of your water hose? Before turning on the water next time, inspect the condition of your hose, and make sure it’s still in good shape. When you properly wrap and store your hose, it should last you for years to come. Responsibly use is not only good for your wallet and your home, but it also conserves water – which is good for Earth.

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