When people think of seasonal plumbing issues, the first thing that probably comes to mind is frozen pipes in the winter. However, in Bonita Springs, that problem is very unlikely to occur. Even still, there are a variety of seasonal plumbing problems that can set in on local homeowners, mostly in the spring. As temperatures warm up and seasonal rains set in, the local soil can become saturated with water and lead to all kinds of plumbing problems. Before an emergency happens, it is important to find a plumbing partner that can fix any issues and give advice to prevent them.

Expanding Soil

The main enemy of plumbing in the spring is shifting soil. Taken at face value, it doesn’t seem like soil shifts much around a home, but that isn’t true. The truth is that even slight shifts in the soil can put major stress on plumbing joints and elbows.

The cause of the shifting soil is due to seasonal rains and warming temperatures. Even with the slightly lower temperatures in the winter, soils will shrink. As the temperature rises and more rains come, the soil can quickly swell, putting stress on all underground plumbing. While it might not look like much, the forces underground are profoundly strong.

How To Find a Slab Leakfoundation

Slab leak repair is a term that can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners. When pipes leak or rupture beneath the slab of a home, it can be scary to have to jackhammer the slab to replace the pipe.

Because the stakes are high when it comes to repairing a slab leak, homeowners must find a trustworthy and experienced company to hire for repairs. A plumbing contractor specializing in slab leak detection can more accurately pinpoint the damaged piping and keep the invasiveness of the problem to a minimum. They can also see if there are any irrigation problems that could be fixed to prevent such issues in the future.

Options for Pipe Replacement After a Burst Pipe

As the soil gets saturated from the seasonal rains, it can weigh heavily on underground piping. Coupling that with movement from expanding soils and becomes a recipe for a burst pipe. Burst pipes are common in piping made from PVC, galvanized steel, and cast iron. To prevent this problem, there are two good options:

  • PEX Repiping: PEX is a plastic piping alternative that is flexible and more durable than PVC. It is easy to install and stands up to the local conditions better than freshwater PVC piping.
  • PVC Sewer Line: PVC is the material of choice for sewer lines. Homes that are still operating on cast iron or clay sewer lines will find that spring can cause major problems. A quick sewer line replacement with PVC can prevent major problems.

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