When you are doing a kitchen remodeling project, is it really necessary to get a plumbing permit? Though it might seem like a pain to get a plumbing permit, this is an essential part of your home renovation process. Following the permitting process means getting higher-quality work.

It also means protecting your home and your family, so it is time and money well spent. Here are just a few reasons why you should get a plumbing permit for your kitchen or bathroom to remodel.

Licensed Professionals Encourage Them

It is to your benefit to work with a licensed professional for several reasons. Licensed professionals have gone through specialized training and certification and are accountable to an association, as well as to you for their work.

That generally means that you are getting work that is of higher quality and can be relied on for longer. As these professionals have worked so hard to get and maintain their licenses, they won’t be keen to do a job that would be “cutting corners” if you skip the permit. Permits protect both you and your plumber.

Avoid Future Costs

As for the argument that getting a permit is a waste of money, you are paying a small amount now instead of substantial fines in the future, if your unpermitted work gets discovered.

If you have a property tax assessment or a property inspection when you go to sell your home, you could be looking at additional costs to pay fines.

Furthermore, you might even have to rip the work out and have it re-done according to the code set by the permits. You’ll double your costs!

Work May Not Meet Safety Standards

One of the benefits of working under a permit is that work is inspected throughout the process, as well as at the end. At each stage, you have ensured that work meets the highest safety standards set out by the plumbing code.

If you aren’t getting these regular, objective inspections as part of a permit, you can’t be sure that work is done safely. That could mean that your home is at risk for water damage or even fire.

Is it worth risking your Bonita Springs, FL home or your family’s safety? Wondering when you need a permit? Any job that involves changing the structure of your home such as adding, moving, or removing walls and altering entire plumbing structures, will require you to have a permit.

Small, cosmetic jobs like putting up wallpaper or painting don’t have a structural impact and thus do not require city permits. Check with your municipal guidelines for the permits surrounding your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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