An unfortunate fact about plumbing repairs is that we often have to break through walls or floors to get to the problem. We use other methods such as tunneling below the house when we can, but this isn’t always the appropriate method. In some cases, we even have to remove other fixtures to get them out of the way while we’re fixing the problem.

In situations like this, when floors and walls need to be patched up after the plumbing job is done, it’s common practice for plumbing companies to subcontract the repair work or recommend a remodeling company to finish it up. This works well in theory, but in practice, it ends up being more hassle for the homeowners, who now have to work with a separate company to get their homes put back together. Furthermore, it’s possible that the remodelers won’t live up to our high standards, meaning that our clients end up being unhappy with the work done in their homes.

Since our top priority is customer satisfaction, we knew that there had to be a better way to solve this problem. So instead of handing off the remodeling work to another company, we are licensed to do it ourselves!

Remodeling After Plumbing Repairs

Once the plumbing issue has been resolved, it’s time to turn our attention to the walls and floors we had to punch through to reach the plumbing system. Usually, these repairs are relatively minor. We can patch and repaint the drywall, restore the subflooring, re-lay the tile, and do anything else required to make your home look just the way it did before we arrived.

Since we can do all of this work ourselves rather than outsourcing to another remodeling outfit, we save our clients the hassle of arranging further repair work, and we ensure that the entire job is done with the high quality that our clients expect. Also, dealing with only one contractor means that all estimating and invoicing will come from one source, rather than from multiple contractors.

It’s not only the necessary restoration that comes with plumbing maintenance – we can also handle some planned home renovations. Are you considering installing all-new fixtures in your kitchen? Thinking about moving a wall (including the pipes) to make your bathroom bigger? We may be able to tackle the entire job for you, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple contractors.

Count on The Plumbing & Cooling Nerds to Do the Job Right

As the saying goes, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. We take that to heart, which is why we go the extra mile to complete any remodeling work that may be needed after we’ve repaired your plumbing. For any plumbing jobs, large or small, contact us through our website or call 239-288-0198 to schedule an appointment.

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