The holiday season is a warm and fun time when friends and families gather to eat, drink and be merry. With the influx of visitors during the holidays, household plumbing systems should be in tip-top shape to handle the additional work they will have to do.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks are all important considerations when getting the house ready for the holidays. There are many parts and pieces to a plumbing system that, if broken or damaged, can create a less than desirable situation while hosting – and no one wants to be left with plumbing issues in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner!

This article will detail some of the most obvious repairs to consider before those guests arrive so homeowners cannot deal with another thing during an already busy holiday season.

Is Toilet Repair Overdue?

Toilets are some of the most used appliances, and because of that, they are also one of the first things to fail. Below are a few signs that a toilet may need repair:

  • Not flushing properly
  • Water tank isn’t refilling
  • Cracked tank or bowl
  • Constant running
  • Leaky seals at base
  • Corrosion or rust

One can remedy most of these issues by replacing valves, the flushing mechanism, or new seals. Corrosion or rust, on the other hand, may require replacing the toilet altogether. This issue is not as easy of a fix as replacing a simple part.

If toilet replacement or toilet repair is needed, it’s best to call a professional plumbing service to assist with the needs of the specific homeowner. Only bathroom contractors can install a toilet properly, ensuring proper functioning and extending the toilet’s lifetime.

Inspect Kitchen Plumbing for Defectsplumber

A major part of any holiday gathering is the kitchen. With the extra use a kitchen will see during Thanksgiving, it’s wise to make sure the appliances in this area are ready to handle all the extra traffic this year.

A good place to start in the kitchen is the garbage disposal line. It should be inspected to ensure no clogs, leaks, jams, or otherwise off-putting odors appear. These common issues can make a garbage disposal obsolete or otherwise unpleasant to use.

Another part of a kitchen to inspect is the gas lines. If a gas stove is being used in a home, any line blockage will prevent it from operating properly. The burner may not light, or the oven may not heat up all the way. These problems will make it quite hard for a meal to be served!

If repairs or service are needed in a home’s kitchen plumbing system, a trained professional can help with regular service and maintenance. When dealing with any appliance, especially dealing with gas lines, it’s imperative that a skilled kitchen contractor is on-site to assess the repairs in the safest manner possible.

Consider a Sink or Faucet Replacement

Lastly, it may be time to plan a faucet or sink replacement before anyone shows up for the holidays. Over time, sink and faucet systems simply degrade.

Some common signs that a sink or faucet needs to be replaced are:
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Mold
  • Water discoloration
  • Slow draining
  • Clanging or gurgling sounds
  • Decreased water volume or pressure
  • Visible damage or leaks

These problems could apply to kitchens or bathrooms in a home, including showers. A high-quality and durable sink or faucet will be the best solution for eliminating these issues. And with an experienced bathroom or kitchen contractor, it will be easy to determine the best path forward for a new sink or faucet.

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