These days, it’s impossible to live your life without a reliable plumbing system. So many of our daily tasks rely on the delivery of water and the ability to eliminate waste. Household chores become more convenient and bathing much more comfortable thanks to a home’s connection to water lines and sewer ways.

Homeowners would do well to take steps toward helping their plumbing system run smoothly. Luckily, there are several easy and cheap ways of extending the life of your pipes and avoiding any disasters with costly consequences. Here’s how you can get the most out of your home’s plumbing.

Drains Must Be Kept Clean

Perhaps the most critical plumbing task for any homeowner is to keep the drains clean. Any debris, which could include pieces of food or dirt, that get flushed down the drain can accumulate over time forming clogs.

This can disrupt the flow of water and lead to leaks or burst pipes, which can spread massive amounts of water throughout your home, damaging walls and other structural elements. An easy way to combat this potential issue is by purchasing a sink strainer for your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

It’s a simple instrument that sits on top of the drain and catches large pieces of debris before they get a chance to enter your plumbing. All you have to do is clean it out regularly. Another thing to note is cooking grease or other oils should not be flushed down your drains because they will become solid when they cool down inside your pipes.

Reduce Water Pressure

Although it can feel like a luxurious feature, high water pressure isn’t good for your plumbing system. It stresses the pipe joints and fixtures, which can weaken them and raise the chances of leaking or bursting pipes.

If you’re worried about this problem, you can buy water pressure measuring devices at most hardware stores. Should your home’s water pressure elevate over 85 psi, a plumber may be needed to manage the situation.

Homeowners who use low-flow plumbing parts should also know that they control the amount of water that is released, and they don’t affect the pressure within the pipes.

Hair Screens Can Help

Hair is another material that commonly clogs up plumbing systems. When we shave or take a shower, hair will inevitably flow down our bathroom drains.

Hair screens help by catching hairs before they get flushed down. They’re inexpensive but contribute significantly to the fight against clogs. Just be sure to clean them consistently so they can keep working.

Follow Local Plumbing Laws

Every city and town has laws or regulations in place that law out acceptable plumbing components for residences.

These rules exist to ensure every property has its needs met but also complies with plumbing standards.

Check with Bonita Springs, FL municipal documents to see how their laws affect your plumbing.

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