No one wants to experience water damage in their home, but it comes unexpectedly. There’s little that anyone can do to prevent it from happening. Homeowner’s insurance can help cover the financial mess that water damage can have.

Many homeowners find themselves asking what kinds of water damage is covered by their homeowner’s insurance. Well, it all depends on the company being used and the plans they offer.

Water Leak Coverage

Insurance companies like Allstate cover most types of water damage if they are sudden and accidental. For example, if a pipe bursts and water leaks all over the walls of the house, or if a toilet leak damages the floor and the ceiling of the lower level, insurance can help with repairs. There are a few things that are not typically covered with homeowner’s insurance.

This includes water damage that arises from unresolved maintenance issues or a water backup problem from an outside sewer or drain. Also keep in mind that insurance typically covers the damage, but not the cause. For example, if a washing machine hose breaks, insurance may cover damaged floors or cabinets but will not cover the cost to replace the hose or the washing machine.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage from floods. Flood insurance is typically sold as a separate package. The National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA) provides affordable flood insurance to property owners and tries to reduce the impact of flooding disasters.

Especially when people live on a lake, a river, or near the ocean, they should have flood insurance. The flood insurance can cover the property itself (up to $250,000) or the contents inside the property such as furniture, electronics, etc. (up to $100,000), or both.

It’s also important to know what isn’t typically covered with flood insurance, such as basement coverage. It’s best to talk with an insurance provider to determine the value of what is covered and what is not covered to find the best flood insurance plan.

Water Damage Services

In the majority of cases, water damages cannot be planned, but water damage services and plumbing companies can help resolve the source of the damage. These companies can cover most water problems including burst pipes, plumbing leaks, water heater damage, sump pump damage, and so on.

Many plumbing companies also provide emergency services. This means they are available at any time in case of a serious water damage emergency such as water leaking all over the floor or ceiling. It’s good to know local plumbing companies that provide these services since the majority of water damage that occurs happens unexpectedly.

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