The Dangers of a Foundation Leak

Foundation leaks, or slab leaks, are perhaps the most dreaded kind of plumbing problem for homeowners around the world. Since these leaks happen under the concrete slab of the foundation, they’re hard to identify.

Plumbers have special leak detection equipment to determine if there is a slab leak. But there are a few things homeowners can look out for to determine if they have one. Plus, there are plenty of preventative measures. Read on to discover all about foundation leaks.

Wasting Lots of Water

A rise in the water bill is a good indication of a leak. Unfortunately, an expensive water bill doesn’t point to where a leak is. Most other leaks become visible fairly quickly, while foundation leaks can go unnoticed for a long time.

It’s hard to notice a small leak just by looking at the water bill, but it will eventually get worse. If there is a change in water usage that can’t be explained by any change in the household, homeowners should consider calling a plumber to check it out. They can also inspect their foundation for cracks and wet spots, which are telltale signs of a foundation leak.

Extensive Water Damage

It’s easy to think a foundation leak can’t do too much damage. After all, it’s just water leaking into concrete and the soil underneath, right? The truth is that a slab leak can cause extensive and incredibly expensive damage. Water can cause the ground underneath the foundation to shift, which can then cause the whole house to slowly shift. Many people don’t know this is happening until they begin to see cracks in their walls and the visible areas of their foundation.

When the foundation starts to shift, it’s expensive to correct. If nothing is done, it will just get worse. Homeowners will end up paying to fix the structural damage done to their home, which usually involves installing anchors underneath the shifting foundation.

Foundation Leak Prevention and Services

A foundation leak can happen to any house, old or new. It can happen anywhere in the country. Luckily, one can initiate preventative measures by scheduling plumbing inspections regularly. When a plumber inspects a plumbing system, he or she will look for telltale signs of a developing leak anywhere in the system.

If one believes that they have a foundation leak, they should contact a plumber as soon as possible before expensive damage is done. Fixing a foundation leak often requires removing foundation concrete to access the pipe, but it’s much cheaper and easier than fixing a damaged foundation. Regular plumbing maintenance can head off serious plumbing problems.

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