Deciding on copper pipes versus plastic can be a difficult one, especially when repiping your home. The question of the difference between the two is asked often and we’ve certainly seen our fair share of frustration and confusion!

We don’t like to see our customers confused about a decision as important as this one, though, so we’d like to take a moment with his article to break down some of the important differences between the two. We hope to clear up some of the confusion and make the choice easier!

The Benefits of Copper Water Pipes

Copper water pipes have been in use a lot longer than plastic PEX piping – but just because they’re older, doesn’t mean they’re worse.

Copper pipes have certain benefits over plastic pipes that should be noted:

  • Copper piping can be used outside because it isn’t affected by UV rays
  • A biostatic atmosphere is created with copper piping, which helps make it difficult for bacteria to be sustained within the piping.
  • Copper piping is pretty resistant to erosion
  • Very durable

The Benefits of Plastic Water Pipes

The newer option for water piping that’s often used in homes is plastic water pipes, also referred to as PEX piping because it’s made of crosslinked polyethylene.
Polyethylene is a newer material, and with it comes certain benefits:

  • Much cheaper than copper water pipes
  • Will not freeze
  • Is flexible, which means it has fewer leaks
  • Can fit into smaller spaces
  • Very durable

What to Choose for Repiping

Considering the positives of the two different types of piping listed above, it can be difficult to decide which one you should use. This is why it’s essential to look at the negative aspects of the two as well to get a broader perspective.

Different homes have different requirements depending on how they’re built, where the piping will be, and what type of environment the home is built in. Taking this into consideration, here are some possible cons you can run into with either type of piping:

Copper Piping Cons
  • Copper has been known to sometimes leach into the water
  • Copper piping can be 15 times more expensive than plastic PEX piping
  • You may experience freezing with copper piping
  • You can experience corrosion with copper piping
Plastic Piping Cons
  • Water can be contaminated because pipes are not impermeable
  • Rodents sometimes chew through this type of piping
  • This piping cannot be used outside

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