Plumbing doesn’t have to be something that remains on the “to do” list for home maintenance repair plans. Add it to the “done” list instead! Preventive maintenance on major plumbing systems annually offers peace of mind because one can catch small problems early before they become huge issues.

What Are Some Common Plumbing Problems?

In the wintertime, burst pipe repair is a common problem if the area experiences a cold front. This problem is generally caused by rapid freezing followed by rapid thaw that results in major cracks that lead to bursts.

Sewer line repair is common in areas where the pipes may be older because tree roots have had time to “take root” by growing into the pipes in search of nutrients found in human waste that can fertilize trees.

Waterline leak repairs are needed if underground lines or household lines start to leak due to age or unnaturally high-pressure water flowing through the pipes unexpectedly. Pressure changes generally happen when the water municipality decides to clean their lines and the pressure change is too much for the supply lines to handle, or the age has caused deterioration.

When Is It Time To Bring In a Professional?

Homeowners should alert a plumber as soon as freezing pipes are suspected or visually confirmed because allowing pipes to thaw naturally could cause major issues. Not knowing how to properly thaw lines could lead to costly water line leak repairs.

Sewer lines can be scoped by a plumber and then cleaned out with a drill to remove debris from the underground lines that homeowners don’t have access to. Water lines that leak generally need to have the damaged section cut out and replaced. This job is labor-intensive, especially if the line is not easily located.

How Can Homeowners Prevent Plumbing Problems?

Dripping taps before a cold front is expected will prevent pipes from freezing and thus prevent burst pipes that could cause major water damage or structural issues. Maintaining a steady temperature within the house above 60 degrees can prevent freezing. If pipes do freeze, one preliminary method to thaw is to use a hairdryer with consistent movement across the pipe until a professional plumber can attend to the problem. Remember to keep the hairdryer moving across the pipe because major cracks can develop if the dryer is left in the same spot for too long.

Sewer line problems can be prevented by only flushing human waste and disposing of everything else properly without flushing down toilets or drains. Annual plumbing maintenance can clean lines before major issues develop. Visual inspection of water lines within the home can prevent major problems from developing later on.

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