The New Year is all about fresh starts. As a homeowner, this means starting with a clean slate and a clean home, including one of the last places you’d think of: the inside of your pipes. After spending the holidays at peace with those you love most, the last thing you want to return to is slow-draining pipes, or worse yet, a complete clog.

By scheduling a professional drain cleaning service ahead of time from a local plumbing company, you can help eliminate stubborn clogs and avoid running into pipe-related problems throughout the year.

Eliminate Stubborn Clogs

Although plumbing clogs can occur from solid items falling into toilets and drains, the most stubborn drain clogs are those which build up over time.

These types of clogs may be overlooked but can start showing symptoms at any time. These symptoms can include slow-draining sinks, showers, and tubs, or a backup of wastewater somewhere in your home.

Most commonly, blockages happen in pipes that are caked with sludge on their interiors. This sticky sludge may consist of food waste, grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris that is commonly washed down kitchen and bathroom sinks. As sludge builds up, the amount of water that can flow through a drain is limited. If left untreated, this limited draining can quickly turn into a complete obstruction.

Get Rid of Squeaking and Cracking Noises

When something is wrong with your drain system, it has a way of letting you know.

If you notice any squeaking, cracking, or other distressing noises as water goes down the drain, it’s a call for professional attention.

While completing a professional drain cleaning appointment, a plumbing technician will be able to carry out any necessary maintenance to get rid of plumbing-related noises.

Ring in the New Year with Easy-Flowing Water

By choosing to schedule and invest in a professional drain cleaning service, your household can enjoy the ease of clean, easy-flowing water throughout all faucets and drains.

Many household routines are based on the fact that we have efficient plumbing systems, so being hit with a surprise clog or blockage can throw things off.

For fast relief, there are plenty of chemical DIY drain cleaning solutions available. However, these are only short-term solutions that will not completely remove sludge or blockages from your pipes.

Upon arriving at your home, a professional plumbing technician will use the latest plumbing technologies, including hydro-jetting and power rodding to completely clean your pipes, leaving you with a sparkling drain system.

Save Money on Your Water Bill in the New Year

When your drains are professionally cleaned, not only will you save money on costly future plumbing emergencies, but you can save on your monthly water bill, too.

With water flowing and draining easier through clean pipes, you won’t have to constantly clean sinks or bathtubs which have scummy stains from slow-draining water, decreasing the amount of water you use each month.

Ease into the New Year stress-free with a professional drain cleaning appointment from your local plumbing service provider. You deserve whole-home comfort, with the help of a healthy plumbing system.

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