When it comes to plumbing, all products are not created equal. You might think a faucet is a faucet and a toilet is a toilet but there are many different features and options on the market. Some brands concentrate on making their products as cheap as possible, thereby sacrificing quality. Others are known for quality craftsmanship and reliable products that will last for years. For your DIY plumbing projects, look for the brands that the Plumbing & Cooling Nerds recommends for long-lasting durability.

What Brands Do the Plumbing & Cooling Nerds Use?

  • Moen: This brand is known for making faucets and shower heads that are both durable and stylish. A sleek, attractive Moen faucet or shower head should last for years without leaking or breaking.
  • Delta: Another top-quality source for kitchen and bathroom faucets, Delta’s wide range of styles is sure to include the perfect option for your home. They even include touchless models to keep your sink faucets sanitary.
  • Kohler: This is the brand to look for when it’s time to do a complete remodel of your kitchen or bathroom. Kohler’s extensive product line includes showers, sinks, toilets, and faucets of all kinds. They even offer design services so you can make your remodeling dreams come to life.
    Niagara Conservation: Are you ready to reduce water consumption in your home? Niagara Conservation offers high-efficiency toilets and shower heads that will save water without sacrificing quality.
  • InSinkErator: Looking for a garbage disposal for your kitchen sink? InSinkErator is the way to go. There’s a reason that more homes feature this brand than any other – InSinkErator garbage disposals are known for being both quiet and powerful.
  • State Water Heaters: Hot water tanks may seem like they’ll last forever, but unfortunately that’s just not true. A State water heater comes close, though! Reduce your risk for major tank-related disasters by having your plumber install one of these top-quality models.
  • Stiebel Eltron: Is it time to make the switch to a tankless water heater? This family-owned European brand is the best option available. They manufacture both whole-house and point-of-use options so that you can decide on the option that’s best for your home.

Take The Experts’ Advice About Quality Plumbing Products

When you’re as nerdy about plumbing as we are, you’ll accept nothing but the best. We believe in using our extensive knowledge of the plumbing market to provide top-quality products while staying within our clients’ budgets. To find out what we can do for your home or business, your can schedule an appointment through our website or call (239) 215-3330.

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