Tackling home renovations is exciting and daunting all at the same time. You get to put your stamp on your Bonita Springs, FL home and increase its asset value, all at the same time.

However, how do you know where to begin and what process to follow? Furthermore, do you need to acquire a permit? To obtain a permit, you apply through the city of Bonita Springs. Here is some other valuable information about plumbing service permits.

How Much Does Plumbing Permit Cost?

In Bonita Springs, your permit costs will depend on how much your project costs (or will be valued). The minimum fee is $75 and then increases based on how much money you are spending.

Yes, plumbing permits do come at a cost, which can seem like a challenge if you are trying to keep your reno costs down, but it is a smaller cost than the fines that you might be subject to if you don’t have a permit.

How Does a Plumbing Permit Protect My Home?

A plumbing permit not only protects your home; it protects your family as well. That’s because work that is done with a permit is held to higher standards. That increased quality of the workmanship and materials will mean that it will last longer and is more reliable. It’s also safer, which will reduce the probability of danger to your family in a flood, or even fire.

Plumbing that isn’t done properly has a higher likelihood of needing repairs or causing leaks. You could be on the hook for costly damage, as well as having to clean up after water damage. And if you have ever experienced a plumbing emergency, you know how devastating water damage can be and how quickly it can happen.

When Will I Need a Plumbing Permit?

If you are doing a smaller job, like putting up a shed, painting, redecorating, putting up cabinetry that doesn’t involve plumbing, installing a water heater, or installing a showerhead or a toilet, you don’t generally need a permit.

If you are doing something that alters the foundation or structure of your home (i.e., knocking out or adding walls, major remodels, installing new plumbing, foundation work, digging a basement, adding a pool and pool fence) you need a permit.

You also require a plumbing permit if the work that you are doing involves the municipal sewer lines or water supply. For clarification and to get started with your exciting home renovations, contact your Bonita Springs plumber.

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