If there was a way to never get a clogged toilet in the home ever again, most homeowners would jump at the chance. Whether you realize it or not, your toilet is the fixture in your home that gets the most use. More often than not, that excess use is what can lead to issues down the line.

While you should always leave the major toilet repair and replacement jobs to your local plumber, the truth is, just knowing the reasons that a clogged toilet happens is the only secret homeowners will need to stop them before they get a chance to start!

Why Do Clogged Toilets Occur?

Most of the reasons for a clogged toilet are caused by the people living in the home. The number one reason is the excessive use of toilet paper. Due to the way that many toilet paper and wipe products are marketed, homeowners don’t consider the impact of using them.

However, these products do build up in the pipes and cause clogs. Homes with small children may also experience a clogged toilet because of small objects being flushed. In addition to the foreign object clogs caused by toys, there are other objects that people may flush thinking that they’re safe that are major clog causers.

Things like feminine hygiene products, q-tips, cotton balls, and paper towels block the pipes quickly. In some instances, roots under the home can grow into the pipes under the house and cause a clog. One other cause of a clogged toilet can be a build-up of hard water in the pipes under the toilet. Due to the water’s mineral composition, deposits start to add up on the walls of the pipes and narrow and eventually block the flow of water.

The Homeowners Simple Guide To Fixing A Clogged Toilet

In most situations, a clogged toilet can be fixed with the correct use of a toilet plunger. However, larger clogs may need the help of a qualified plumber to resolve. They can also use a specialized solution that can be flushed down the toilet to help loosen and remove hard water deposits. This is just a short term cure, though.

If the cause of the clogged toilet is due to root invasion, the pipes will need to be snaked out by a professional plumber. Homeowners should never attempt this type of repair themselves.

In the event that the source of the home’s clogged toilet can not be diagnosed, plumbers can also use tools to find the source of the clog. There are occasions where the clog isn’t directly related to the toilet, but a large problem with the pipes under the house.

Ways To Prevent A Clogged Toilet From Happening

To begin with, homeowners can prevent a clogged toilet by making sure to use biodegradable toilet paper in appropriate quantities. It is also important to never use wipes, even if they say flushable on the package.
There are also toilet latches that can be installed to keep children from flushing their toys. Homes that have hard water should consider purchasing a water softener. It works by filtering out the minerals that build up and cause clogs before they are able to reach the pipes.

One of the more strange tips that actually work is for the homeowner to encourage everyone that uses the toilet to use a “double flush.” Anyone who has a bowel movement should flush halfway through to avoid clogs.

For many of these issues, homeowners could even consider putting a sign up in the bathroom to remind visitors of the rules of the home.

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