Nerd Pass

What is it?

Nerd Pass is the smartest way to maintain and maximize your plumbing systems’ lifespan. Your entire plumbing system is interconnected, which simply means an issue in your kitchen may indicate a potential issue in your bathroom. Our annually scheduled Smart Home Inspection gets in front of these small issues before they become large plumbing issues. Simply put, Smarter Plumbing Solutions!

What do i get?

  • Annual Plumbing & Safety Evaluation - one of our Nerds will visit your home & make sure all your plumbing & drain systems are in best operating condition with detailed report
  • 10% Discount - on installations and repairs starting your 1st purchase
  • Warranty Upgrade - take our 1 year parts & labor warranty and make it 2 years parts & labor. *your membership must be in good standing the 2nd year to apply
  • Bio-One Treatment - we treat your drains to keep them in good condition Toilet Flapper Replacement - did you know toilets are the #1 place leaks occur
  • Emergency Valve Tags- we locate and identify your water main and hot water shut off valves
  • Basic Water Test - we test the levels of your chlorine to make sure they are at safe levels
  • Sink Aerator Cleaning - water pressure and stream will be like brand new
  • Priority Service - we prioritize your plumbing issues, whenever they may arise
  • One Minor Diagnostic - more then our free visual inspection, we include a minor diagnostic too