Naples Clogged Toilet Repair & Installation

Is your toilet always running? Did you flush it and nothing happened? Call Plumbing Nerds when you need reliable clogged toilet repair service or toilet installation.

There’s nothing that can bring a household to its knees more quickly than a malfunctioning toilet. Whether it’s a clog or the inability to flush, the toilet is the one thing we just can’t do without for long. If you’re in the Port Royal and Naples, FL area and having issues with your toilet, call us right away and let our experienced techs fix the problem to bring you and your family relief.

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When Your Toilet Malfunctions

If there’s one thing we don’t suffer well, it’s a malfunctioning toilet. There are a variety of reasons why your toilet experiences issues and when it does, you need a reliable toilet repair company you can call for help. Here are the most common toilet issues you might encounter.

  • Running water after flushing
  • Inability to flush
  • Water leaks
  • Weak flush
  • Tank is slow to fill

If your toilet has any of these issues, call us right away for a quick fix.

Why Your Toilet Gets Clogged

One of the main issues people experience with their toilets is clogs, and clogs can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of a clog is flushing something down that shouldn’t be flushed such as a sanitary napkin or personal wipe. In fact, even when a product like a personal wipe is listed as flushable, most experts agree they should be thrown in the trash and not put down the toilet. Also, if you have small children, be aware of them flushing toys and other objects down which can get stuck and mess up your pipes. If you have a stubborn clog and you’ve tried everything else, call a toilet repair service right away.

Plumbing Nerds - clogged toilet repair services in Bonita Springs, FL

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Can You Save Money With a New Toilet Installation?

Toilet flushing is one of the largest uses of water inside the home accounting for nearly 24% of your average usage. Getting a low flow toilet is a great way to reduce your home’s water consumption and lower your water bill. Older toilets typically use 3.5 gallons of water per flush while a low flow toilet averages about 1.6 gallons. And, if you really want to save money, you can get toilets that use a mere 1.2 gallons per flush. If you want to see how much money you can save, call us and ask about replacing a toilet in your home.

Whether you have a problem with your toilet or you want to save money with a new unit, call Plumbing Nerds today in the Naples, FL area at (239) 319-6053.