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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Polybutylene Pipe Replacement?

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement and Insurance Basics

Many homes built between 1978 and 1995 have a type of plastic piping called polybutylene. Unfortunately, this piping is prone to leaks and breaks, which can cause extensive damage to a home. If homeowners have polybutylene pipes in their homes, they may be wondering if their homeowners' insurance will cover the cost of replacing them.

Unfortunately, most insurance policies will not cover the cost of replacing polybutylene pipes because they are considered a defect in the home that should have been fixed when the house was first built. This blog post will answer questions about polybutylene pipes and home insurance coverage.

What Are Polybutylene Pipes?

polybutylene pipesPolybutylene pipe is a type of plastic piping commonly used in homes built between 1978 and 1995. The main advantage of polybutylene pipe is that it is cheaper and easier to install than other types of piping. However, the material is also quite flimsy and is prone to leaks and breaks. When a polybutylene pipe leaks or breaks, it can cause extensive water damage to a home, which can be very costly to repair.

Polybutylene pipes are usually gray, black, or blue in color. These pipes were used for both the water supply lines and the drain lines in homes. Polybutylene pipes were considered a great alternative to copper pipes because they were cheaper to produce and install. However, it was later discovered that polybutylene pipes are susceptible to leaking and breaking.

Why Are Polybutylene Pipes A Problem?

prone to leaksUnfortunately, polybutylene pipes are prone to cracking and leaking. The plastic resin can degrade over time, especially if exposed to chlorine from municipal water supplies. When the pipes break or leak, it can cause severe damage to a home—not to mention a significant headache for the homeowner.

If homeowners have polybutylene pipes in their homes, it is essential to have them replaced as soon as possible. In addition to the risk of damage from leaks, polybutylene pipes are not compatible with many of the new types of plumbing fixtures and fittings available on the market today. As a result, if homeowners have polybutylene pipes in their homes, they may need to replace them even if they are not currently leaking.

Does Insurance Cover The Cost of Replacing Polybutylene Pipes?

The simple answer is maybe. In most cases, insurance policies will not cover the cost of replacing polybutylene pipes. It depends on the specific details of an insurance policy and the age of the home. If a house was built before a particular year (usually 1978), it's considered "grandfathered" and isn't subject to the same coverage requirements as newer homes. This means that if a homeowner’s policy doesn't expressly exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, then they may be covered for the cost of replacing their polybutylene pipes.

However, if their home was built after that cutoff date (usually 1978), then any damage caused by polybutylene pipes is likely excluded from standard home insurance policies. Homeowners may be able to purchase a separate rider or endorsement to cover this type of damage, but it will come at an additional cost.

The answer to this question can also depend on the individual’s homeowners insurance policy. Some policies will cover the cost of replacing polybutylene pipes, while others will not. It's important to read the policy carefully, so homeowners know what is and is not covered. If homeowners are unsure whether or not their policy covers pipe replacement, they can always call their insurance company and ask.

Even if someone's homeowner's insurance does cover the cost of replacing polybutylene pipes, there may be some caveats. For example, most policies will only cover the cost of replacing damaged pipes if the damage was caused by an event covered by the policy (such as a fire or severe weather). Additionally, most policies limit how much they will pay out for repairs, so it's possible that homeowners would have to pay for some of the repairs themselves, even if their insurance covers them.

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