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Yep, that’s right, we are the Plumbing Nerds and we proudly service Charlotte County with 5 star plumbing services, water heater repair, and clog removal. Does your plumbing need to be brought up to code? We do that, too. We fix your pipes so you don’t have to--and you have our guarantee that we will be quick, clean, and thorough so you get the results you expect.

Our customers enjoy:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Upfront pricing
  • Options to fit your budget
  • Accurate workmanship
  • Total peace of mind

Not to mention, we serve all of Charlotte County, including:

  • Punta Gorda
  • Charlotte Harbor
  • Charlotte Park
  • Cleveland
  • Englewood
  • Grove City
  • Harbour Heights
  • Manasota Key
  • Port Charlotte
  • Rotonda
  • Solana

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And did we mention our coupons? Be sure to check them out before you call us. We are committed to your excellent customer service.

After Hours Scheduling

We will always answer your call, day or night, if a problem should occur outside of normal business hours. We have the skill and equipment necessary to tackle your biggest plumbing issues. Call anytime to schedule service for issues like:

  • Burst or leaking pipe
  • Backed up toilets
  • Sounds of rushing water when everything is shut off
  • Flooding

Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance

Annual water heater maintenance ensures long term reliability and efficiency. We provide comprehensive maintenance services that include tank flushing and draining, plus inspection of all safety components. Enjoy hot water when you need it and ask us about scheduling regular maintenance service.

Here’s the link to our contact page; call us today if any of the above symptoms sound like your home’s plumbing.

Professional Drain Cleaning

We suggest having your drains professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year to keep your system in good working order. Over the counter drain cleaner eats away at clogs and your piping system and can cause issues once it reaches your septic tank, so we don’t suggest recurring use of it. Your drains should drain quickly and completely in every room of your house.

Call us if your notice:

  • Bubbling drains
  • Smelly drains
  • Slow or completely clogged drains
  • Multiple drain clogs at one time

Go with the Plumbing Nerds for smarter plumbers and reliable service in Charlotte County, FL. We are only a call away at 239-500-6373.