Many people have probably heard about water filtration sometime in their lives, and water quality assurance seems to be the talk of the town these days. But many people do not know how water filtration works in homes and the types of different system options available.

In reality, there are several different types of home water filtration systems to fit the needs of the modern home. These range from basic systems to highly complex ones, all with the same goal of filtering unwanted microscopic particles in the water. So what are the best options for home water filtration, and how exactly do they work?


Faucet-mounted systems are one of the most basic and accessible water filtration options for homeowners. As the name implies, these attach directly to the faucet and treat water as it runs through. The systems themselves are only a few inches long and can treat around 100 gallons of water.

These systems are designed specifically to filter out large particles. Faucet-mounted systems contain screens that filter out sediment and compressed carbon that helps to remove chemicals present in the water. Only after water has passed through these two structures is it ultimately sent out.

While these systems are great since homeowners can easily install them, their effectiveness is limited. They mainly filter out large particles and some chemicals, but water quality only improves by about 10-20%.


As an alternative to faucet-mounted systems, under-sink systems are among the most popular water filtration choices among homeowners. One of the main reasons these are so popular is that they are convenient. They are relatively easy to maintain, and they are more effective at improving water quality than faucet-mounted systems.

Under-sink systems connect to water lines in the home and ultimately to kitchen fixtures or appliances like the faucets or refrigerator. As such, these are a bit more complex to install but yield plenty of benefits.

Capacity-wise, these systems can filter thousands of gallons of water to have a considerably longer lifespan. Under-sink systems remove sediment, bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals. Depending on the type of system, some can even use reverse osmosis to enhance water purity for even better drinking water.


Last but not least, whole-home systems are a fantastic option for home water filtration. These are the most complex systems and certainly, require professional installation. As the name implies, these systems treat water throughout the entire home, so home water supplies need to be completely turned off during the installation process. While this can be a pain in the short term, it is well worth the hassle long-term.

Whole-home water filtration systems have the largest capacity and lifespan relative to faucet-mounted or under-sink systems. Whole-home systems treat water in various ways depending on the system: acid neutralizers, carbon or sediment filters, UV systems, or water softeners. The type of system depends largely on the type of water that is being treated.

Whole-home filtration systems are certainly one of the best options out there, so if homeowners are interested in upgrading, they should hire a professional to help with installation.

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