With Halloween just around the corner, people are starting to think of who they want to be and what costume they want to buy. There are typically three pathways to choosing a costume: sexy, scary, or funny. If someone’s trying to go the sexy route, they might wear a uniform.

If they go the scary route, they might buy a mask with fake blood or carry a chainsaw around with them. But if they go the funny route, they might end up as…a plumber! Following, are the top 5 most hilarious plumber costume ideas for adults, children, and even dogs to try.

Flushing Away Candy With Toilet Services

Plumbing costumes don’t always have to be about plumbers. Why not dress up as a toilet? Get out old cardboard boxes, construction paper, markers, and scissors because this type of costume requires kids and parents to get creative.

To really catch people off-guard while trick-or-treating, use the toilet bowl as a candy bag! The toilet might get a little full during the night though, so make sure to flush when necessary.

Stay Original as Mario The Plumber

Mario, from Nintendo games, is probably the most famous plumber that exists, so follow the footsteps of this virtual celebrity. This costume is a classic and is so easy to put together. Grab a pair of blue overalls, a red t-shirt, a red cap, tape the letter “M” to the front, and that’s it!

Other variations of this costume can be found online too with Mario riding a car or Yoshi the dinosaur. With a larger group of friends, the whole team could be represented!

Baby Plumber Hard at Work

Mario the plumber is pretty cute, but baby plumber Mario is even cuter! Moms and Dads, get the cameras ready!

And grab the baby carrier, it’s time to put that thing to work!

Add some construction paper or styrofoam tubes around the outside to make it look like a toilet bowl, and give the baby a mini-sized mustache and a red hat like Mario to finish off the details.

Not only is this costume cute, funny, and easy to make, but it’s also very helpful and practical for any parents that are going trick-or-treating.

They can hold their baby while using both hands to grab candy out of the bowl!

Santa Plumber, Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

For those who started putting out Christmas decorations back in June (because it was only 6 months away!), the Santa plumber costume might be a match made in heaven.

This costume mixes Halloween and Christmas in one! So grab the Santa costume from the closet, add a tool belt or the nearest plunger, and the costume is set to go.

Doggy Plumber’s Butt

No one in the family should be left out of Halloween. That includes all furry friends! Dogs in costumes are always funny, especially when they try to look like humans.

Plumber’s butt has been a running joke of the industry for a long time, so why not add a plumber’s butt to a doggy plumber costumer?

Take a small, nude pillowcase, fill it with stuffing, twist it, and place it by the dog’s tail. Has anyone seen a dog so cheeky?

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