Whether you are about to remodel your bathroom or you are just wanting a new toilet, going “smart” may be worth the consideration. Everyone knows that toilets are sewage systems that rid of your waste and replace it with clean water; however, they weren’t always that advanced and sanitary. With the ever-increasing technological advances of today’s society, toilets are no exception. Now, you have the option of purchasing and installing smart toilets – advanced bathroom thrones that aren’t only cool, but also make life a little easier… and cleaner.

Smart toilets are designed for extra comfort, water conservation, and even to pamper us. There are many kinds; however, many have the same basic qualities.

The rush of the flush

Smart toilets can be flushed without even being touched! These systems have sensors that automatically activate the flush when a body moves away from the toilet or when you wave your hand in front of the sensor. This eliminates the forgotten waste when family members don’t flush as well as the transference of germs. A smart toilet brings the convenience of a store’s automatic flush system to your home.

Stop the overflow

Ever been put into a situation where your toilet gets stopped up and water won’t stop filling the bowl? Has that ever ended in nasty waste landing on your bathroom floor at a rate you can’t control? With a smart toilet, you will never have to face this embarrassment again! It will stop you from flushing if your toilet is clogged; therefore, the water level will remain bowl low.

Conserve water

Your home’s water consumption will drop as smart toilets sense how much water is needed and will flush the correct amount accordingly. This could decrease the water used by 1 gallon per flush!

Other bells and whistles

You can get the most basic smart toilets that only have water conservation and automatic flush features; however, there are a lot of other bells and whistles that you can add to your smart toilet.

  • Massaging bidet wash
  • Air dryer
  • Foot warmer
  • Automatic flush
  • Remote control
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Sensors that alert possible tank leaks
  • Self-deodorizer
  • Emergency flushing system during power outages
  • Nightlights
  • Slow closing lid
  • MP3/Bluetooth capabilities

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