It’s the middle of the night. You’re sound asleep in bed. Bang! Clang! What the heck was that?!

Is your house trying to talk to you? You’ve heard banging, clanging, and knocking heat pipes, whistling and screaming water pipes, and gurgling drains…what do all of these plumbing noises mean? Your house might be telling you that it’s time to schedule a plumbing inspection.

Slight Whistling Noises

When you run the water, do the pipes start screaming and whistling at you? The first step is to reduce the water pressure to see if the sound stops. If reducing the water pressure does not help, there may be an obstruction in the water supply pipe.

You can try flushing out the system by running the water at high pressure to free any debris. If neither of these methods works and your pipes are still whistling, it might be time to schedule a plumbing inspection.

In some instances, the excess pressure may stem from the main water line from the city – this needs to be adjusted by an expert. Additionally, severe clogs will need heavy-duty cleaning methods to get things flowing once again.

Banging Water Lines

Now, we all know that haunted houses aren’t real, but if you hear banging and clanging pipes in the middle of the night, you might begin to believe otherwise.

If you happen to own an older home, sometimes these banging and clanging sounds are simply the result of your heating system working properly. Loud–yes. Malfunctioning–no.

If you hear a slamming sound, you might be hearing a heat zone slamming shut due to air pressure and wind. Disconcerting, yes. However, considerably less disconcerting than a confrontation with an angry ghost that likes to slam things around.

The source of the banging sound could also be your radiator, particularly if the slope is off. This is something that a licensed professional will be able to identify and troubleshoot during a plumbing inspection.

Drain Gurgling and Running Water

Gurgling water is something you should pay attention to. It usually indicates a blockage in a vent preventing the water from draining properly, causing the air to slowly rise to the surface. A blockage is something that should be corrected right away. It can be a minor to a serious problem, depending on what and where the actual obstruction is.

If your drain is blocked, schedule a plumbing inspection so that the vent can be cleared out, allowing the drain to release water properly, thus eliminating the gurgling sound. Without timely services, you could find yourself with sewer water making its way back into your home.

No matter what mysterious noises you’re hearing, it is of the utmost importance that you keep the plumbing at your home in good working order, and if you need help finding a reliable local plumber, look no further than The Plumbing & Cooling Nerdss of Bonita Springs.

We offer the highest quality residential plumbing services that can fix your noisy pipes including drain cleaning, water leak repairs, and repiping. Before we start any of that work, however, we’ll always start by inspecting your plumbing so you get a long-lasting result that gets to the root of your problem.

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