Naples Kitchen Plumbing Services

A kitchen plumbing problem can make turn your time in the kitchen into a frustrating chore! Call Plumbing Nerds if you have a leak, clog or problem with your garbage disposal right now.

Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen every day, and then think about how much better it is when everything works properly. Leaky faucets, broken down garbage disposals, and clogged drains can turn the joy of cooking into a hassle you wish to avoid. If you have problems in the kitchen, call Plumbing Nerds and ask about our sink repair services or our garbage disposal replacement service.

Your home’s piping is the circulation that keeps everything running smoothly. If you have an older home, call us and ask if our whole-house repiping service is right for you.

Why a Garbage Disposal Makes Good Sense

Working in the kitchen creates a lot of waste, and much of that waste ends up in the trash where it stinks up your house and ends up in a landfill. While you can’t eliminate waste, you can deal with it more effectively than tossing it into the trash. Here are 3 advantages of getting a garbage disposal installation if you don’t have one.

  • Saves Money: Think about clogs in your kitchen drains that require a plumber and then imagine them being a thing of the past when you use a garbage disposal.
  • No Odors: Disposing of food waste in your garbage disposal eliminates the smells that build up from throwing it into your kitchen trash.
  • Better For The Environment: The more waste you get rid of through your garbage disposal, the less you throw away, which means less junk in a landfill and less plastic garbage bags in the environment.

Want to Improve the Look & Feel of Your Kitchen? Consider Replacing Your Faucet

One great and inexpensive idea for making your kitchen more beautiful and more efficient is by getting a fixture replacement. Today, there are hundreds of beautiful and functional faucets available that can make you enjoy using your kitchen so much more. If you’re tired of your old faucet, and want an upgrade, call us and ask about our fixture replacement service, and while you’re at it, consider a new kitchen sink installation too.

Don’t use harsh chemical drain cleaners on your pipes! Check out our hydro jetting service the next time you have a stubborn clog.

How to Avoid Clogged Kitchen Sinks

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you probably have clogged sinks now and again. With all the food preparation that goes on, it’s not an uncommon problem. Here are some tips to avoid a clogged kitchen sink.

  • Use screens over your drains to catch large debris
  • Don’t pour grease or fats down the drain
  • Pour hot water down the drain regularly to clean them
  • Consider installing a garbage disposal to break up large particles

Get the most out of your kitchen! Call Plumbing Nerds if you’re in the Port Royal and Naples, FL area and ask about our kitchen sink installation and garbage disposal installation services. Call now at (239) 319-6053.