Plumbing issues can be a real pain, regardless of whether they are simple fixes or complicated ones. As a homeowner, however, it is essential to differentiate important issues from absolutely urgent issues. Being able to distinguish between the two will dictate whether or not one can solve a problem independently and how quickly one would need to call for professional help.

Some of the most common plumbing issues homeowners may face include broken pipes, toilet clogs, and sewer system backups. Below is an overview of each of these problems and how homeowners should classify them.

Broken Pipes (Urgent)

Let’s start with an urgent plumbing issue: broken pipes. This is urgent because of the extent to which pipe damage can lead to home damage. Many detrimental things can occur during a pip break, including damp or wet spots, water damage, issues with the water pressure or water quality, foul odors, and abnormal sounds.

As such, homeowners should be able to identify the issues relatively quickly and call for help immediately. Homeowners should not attempt to solve broken pipes independently, as these can be extremely complicated fixes that only a professional plumber can handle. The costs can be high, but the costs will certainly be even higher if homeowners do not address this issue with the required urgency.

Clogged Toilets (Important)

Let’s now turn to a less urgent plumbing issue: clogged toilets. Almost all homeowners have probably experienced toilet clogs once, if not many times. These are very common! So it is probably easy to imagine why toilet clogs are not urgent. Sure, there are some cases where there can be severe overflows if there is a significant clog, and this can lead to cracks or water damage, which would require urgency.

However, in general, toilet clogs are not urgent so long as they are handled in a reasonable time. Homeowners and their families should be able to address toilet clogs independently without the help of professional plumbers. And, of course, having a plunger is key to do this!

Backed Up Sewage Systems (Urgent)

Finally, let’s consider a very urgent plumbing issue: backed-up sewage systems. As one might infer from the fact that this relates to sewage, these backups are extremely unpleasant. Backups can occur for all different reasons and result in harmful airborne contaminants, groundwater contamination, and backups in the home plumbing system.

They pose a threat to the home itself and to the health of homeowners and their families. Homeowners must take sewage system issues very seriously, and they should not attempt to fix these problems on their own. Plumbing professionals will have the proper equipment and expertise to address the issue efficiently and effectively.

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