When it comes to plumbing nightmares, some happen far more often than others. Of course, every homeowner in America dreads the thought of burst pipes or flooded bathrooms, but just how common are these plumbing emergencies? The numbers may shock many homeowners! Keep reading to explore the three most common plumbing emergencies homeowners face and learn how the experts handle them.

The Overflowing Toilet Problem

It’s practically a guarantee that every homeowner will experience a clogged toilet at least once a year. And usually, a clogged toilet is an overflowing toilet. Asie from the mess of cleaning up toilet water and any questionable materials floating in it, overflowing toilets can signal a deeper plumbing problem.

One of the most common causes of an overflowing toilet is clogged pipes. Unfortunately, the general treatment of store-bought drain cleaners doesn’t usually fix the problem long-term. Instead, a plumbing expert will utilize augers or hydro-jetters for clearing out any clogs deeply entrenched in the pipes. Additionally, a plumbing professional will correctly clean up any dangerous backflow that spilled from the toilet to get the home back in a safe condition for its occupants.

The Stinking Sewage Backup Problem

When it comes to sewer backups, American homes experience their fair share of them. Over 500,000 homes have a sewage emergency each year – that’s enough homes to fill a small town! And sewage backup is nothing to joke about. When sewer water flows back into the home, it exposes the house’s clean drinking and washing water to dangerous bacteria and chemicals that can cause illnesses and disease.

A plumbing expert knows that correcting a sewage backup can be an extensive project. For example, if a sewer line has cracked or degraded, a home’s yard might need excavating and the sewer line replaced to solve the problem. In some cases, thorough cleaning of the pipes using hydro jetters can fix the issue. In either case, only plumbing experts should fix a sewer problem. The sewer’s dangerous black water (contaminated water) is dangerous to work with, and proper equipment and care are needed to clean up any sewer mess safely.

The Messy Burst Pipe Problem

Every year, 250,000 American homes experience a burst pipe. Most of these emergencies occur in the winter when temperature extremes cause pressure to build in the lines, resulting in their bursting. When water floods into the home, the resulting damages to furniture, structures, and belongings can add up to thousands of dollars.

In most burst pipe situations, a plumbing expert needs to be contacted immediately. Burst pipes can expose a home to hazardous waste or cause dangerous structural or electrical problems to occur. The general homeowner won’t have the skills or tools needed to stop or repair the damages. Plumbing professionals will stop the flooding, clean up the water, and replace the damaged pipes while safely navigating the compromised area.

It’s crucial to let plumbing experts take care of the previously mentioned emergencies. Working with a professional ensures the safety of a home and its occupants while ensuring quality work to prevent future problems.

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